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ESG focus

HighGround RESEARCH 
is a collective of international financial economic experts from different disciplines and with entrepreneurial backgrounds that aim to reach the highest possible positive Environmental, Social and Governance impact.

HighGround Research works in small highly specialised international project teams of experts specialised in investigating financial economic interests that create significant financial, social and/or environmental impact.


Our teams are led by associate partners who structure examinations into businesses by using investigative, intelligence, corporate finance, accounting, auditing, IT and legal skills. Our teams of experts are trained to look beyond the numbers and focus on the business reality. They are able to analyse and interpret complex financial economic matters and explain the nature of the financial impact to investors, shareholders, government agencies, courts of law or disciplinary courts.


HighGround Research is based out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a city with a rich business history. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX) or Amsterdam Bourse was established in 1602 and is considered the oldest "modern" securities market in the world. The Dutch republic was responsible for many innovations in finance and business which went hand-in-hand with the first recorded stock market bubbles, crashes and scandals. History has shown that in order for securities markets to function efficiently, they have to be fair and transparent, protect investors whilst reducing systemic risk. Maintaining the highest ethical standards and minimising financial crimes are essential elements for well-functioning securities markets whilst enabling essential financial innovations. 

As of 1 January 2022 HighGround Research has opened an office in Jakarta, Indonesia to support our clients with services and investigations in South-East Asia.

Our clients are professional investors, government agencies, insurance companies, police forces, public accounting firms, law firms, wildlife & nature conservationists and journalists.


Typical target

Private companies

Customarily we engage with majority shareholders, investors and/or hedge funds during private placements or pre-IPO.

Typical financial interest

> EUR 50 million

We are specialised in complicated financial economic affairs, often multi jurisdictional 

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