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In any given situation our firm always takes the moral high ground. Our firm is independent in its thinking and in the work it delivers. In order to ascertain truly objective fact finding services and to avoid any potential conflict of interest, we do not maintain any formal ties with auditors, consultants, law firms, banks, market makers, political parties or governments. Our firm is not confined to one particular jurisdiction due to the cross-border nature of our advisory services and investigations, which are always, without exception, ESG centric.

Corporate Finance Advisory

Due Diligence

Our experts deliver comprehensive financial advice regarding Mergers & Acquisitions, capital raising, project finance or business strategy matters.

Our core team has a combined experience of more than 80 years of due-diligence and M&A transactions. We are specialised in supporting complex and sensitive transactions. Integral part of our services are pre-transaction investigations of individuals and entities to determine reputation and financial risk of potential business partners and directors. 

Fraud Investigation

As soon as when a fraud is known, alleged, or suspected a fraud examination and investigation can be initiated. Fraud examination is a process of resolving allegations of fraud from inception to disposition. It encompasses a variety of tasks that might include obtaining evidence, reporting, testifying to findings, and assisting in fraud detection and prevention.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting uses professional accounting skills in matters involving potential or actual civil or criminal litigation. Our forensic accounting experts perform forensic research to trace funds, identify assets for recovery, conduct forensic analysis of financial data, prepare forensic accounting reports from financial findings and prepare analytical data for litigation. 

Litigation Support

Armed with forensic accounting reports, analytical data, business valuations and economic damages analyses, our experts are ideally equipped to support criminal and corporate litigation teams. 

Digital Forensics

Human Intelligence

The presence of computers, smartphones, the internet and digital technologies, such as cryptocurrencies, blockchain and AI, requires specialist knowledge. Our experts are experienced in extracting, recovering, handling and preserving digital evidence.

Human intelligence is gathered from subject-matter experts and informed individuals. Our experts typically target individuals who can provide the most valuable information. Approaches vary per case and can include surveillance, interviews, negotiations and social engineering. 

Open-Source Investigation

Open-source information is found in the public domain and is defined as publicly available data that anyone can lawfully obtain by request, purchase, or observation. This information, which is often retrieved online, can include publications, government information, industry reports and studies, academic information, social media data or commercial data.

Disciplinary Action Support

Our experts provide pro-bono support in disciplinary proceedings against lawyers, public notaries and public accountants involved in fraud. We always have time to give pro-bono support to financial fraud whistle-blowers.

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